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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Claims She’s Undergone “A Lot of Surgery”

Kourtney Kardashian

After an Instagram user stated that “Kourtney got plenty of surgery” after seeing throwbacks of the Kardashians, the Poosh founder moved to the comments section to correct the record.

The Instagram account @popcultureangel released a few throwbacks of “the Kardashians before they became ‘the Kardashians,'” on Dec. 7. “Only one who actually didn’t change was Kourt,” one follower commented in the comments section after taking the trip down memory lane. Not everyone, though, seemed to agree.

Another social media user said, “Kourtney has had a lot of surgery!” “She merely did it in such a way that it enhanced her characteristics rather than changing them. Botox, nose surgery, and a butt shot or bbl are only the beginning.”

Kourtney Kardashian

It wasn’t long until the Poosh founder herself joined the conversation and put an end to the rumours. “There’s no better compliment than a compliment that’s too good to be true,” Kourtney responded, “butt shot and Brazilian butt lift, um, thanks and you were just starting started.”

This isn’t the first time a Kardashian-Jenner family member has publicly chastised someone on social media.

Gossipers vs. Khloe Kardashian

On Aug. 28, the fashion mogul took to Twitter to debunk misleading reports about her. “HA! some of y’all just make stuff up and swear it’s true as if you know what’s going on,” she wrote. “The truth is never satisfying… or juicy. So you make up a storey that fits what you want to believe.”

She went on to say, “It’s a long time ago now. It’s always something to do with somebody fabricating s—t about me and tormenting me over something THEY ARE CREATING. Without any knowledge of the facts. It’s some bizarre nonsense.”

Instagram Critic vs. Khloe

The CEO of Good American slammed an Instagram reviewer who said, “If insecurity were a person.”

The reality TV star answered, “Baby girl, you have to look in the mirror.” “Only insecure people are capable of tearing others down. I’m wishing you plenty of love, good health, and joy! I’m sad to hear you’re in pain.”

Instagram vs. Khloe Troll KoKo’s detractors was at it again when one Instagram user commented on a series of stunning photos she published, “money spent wisely.”

When the trolls go low, Khloe soars high, responding back, “the shade of it all,” with many laughing emojis.

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