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Former Princess Mako of Japan and her husband have migrated to New York

After years of tabloid rumours and online sniping about their relationship, which Komuro said caused her “sadness and pain,” the couple married quietly in Tokyo this month.

After leaving the royal family, Japan’s former princess Mako Komuro and her husband came to the United States on Sunday, swapping ancient imperial rites for the dazzling lights of New York.

Migration to the United States had been rumoured for a long time. The two 30-year-olds boarded a commercial flight from Tokyo to New York on Sunday, where Kei Komuro studied law and currently works.

The couple, who were heavily escorted by police and airport officials, passed in front of a crowd of 100 journalists and cameramen without answering any questions.

Mako, Emperor Naruhito’s niece, was stripped of her royal title after marrying a commoner under postwar succession regulations that only allow male members of the imperial family to ascend the throne.

Following the news of their engagement in 2017, the Komuros were besieged with reports stating that Kei’s family was experiencing financial troubles.

The Imperial Household Agency claimed Mako developed complicated post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the media attention. Japan’s royals are held to high standards, and the Imperial Household Agency said the media focus caused Mako to develop complicated post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Whenever one-sided whispers turn into groundless reports, I’ve been afraid, feeling sadness and pain,” Mako remarked at a press conference after their wedding.

Kei expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation “It’s very terrible that Mako has been in such bad mental and physical shape,” she says, adding, “I love Mako.” We just have only one life to live, and I want us to spend it with the people we care about.”

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