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Friday, September 22, 2023

Dr. Chad Deal is the Real Deal of Surgical Arts

Beauty and physical attractiveness have been scientifically linked with various advantages, ranging from expected improvements in emotional and mental well-being to more unexpected benefits in professional and economic aspects of one’s daily life. Those considered conventionally beautiful have generally been found to be treated with more trust and respect by others, which tends to give them access to significantly more prospects and opportunities throughout their lives.

Of course, one of the more essential aspects of beauty is how we perceive our personal attractiveness. A positive outlook regarding this aspect has consistently been connected to better confidence and self-esteem, traits that often lead to better performances in different parts of one’s life. This, combined with the above-mentioned aspects, often means that beauty has serious effects on our mental and emotional health as well as our overall quality of life.

Even before the pandemic hit, triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Chad Deal defined himself with intense focus, exceptional skill, and artistic vision in the field of cosmetic surgery. With more than 4,800 successful surgical procedures, Dr. Deal’s extensive training and experience have made him renowned, with various community-given awards and active positions in different professional and academic organizations in cosmetic surgery.

Lo and behold, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a marked increase in demand for cosmetic procedures. Experts associate this increase with the rise of mental health and self-esteem issues due to stress associated with the pandemic. At the same time, increased face time with friends, family, and co-workers due to online meetings and get-togethers have made more and more people aware and self-conscious of their personal appearances.

With a raging pandemic in the backdrop of his practice, Dr. Deal brought himself to even greater recognition when he correctly predicted how the disease would affect the conduct of cosmetic surgery. Acting on these predictions as early as March 2020, Dr. Deal worked from home for 12 to 15 hours a day to provide more than 20 virtual consultations a day. At the same time, he used his time at home to focus on online- and social media-based promotions and educational but entertaining beauty, health, and fitness content, which turned out to be incredibly popular during the pandemic. Through these efforts, Dr. Deal was able to grow his own personal brand to almost 500,000 Instagram followers as well as increase the popularity of his own practice, Southern Surgical Arts.

Southern Surgical Arts is a reflection of Dr. Deal’s commitment to quality and artistic skill, with their approach based on skilled surgeons, close coordination with their clients, and state-of-the-art facilities earning them the distinction of being the first US facility to earn an accreditation as a Center of Excellence in Plastic Surgery and Body Contouring from the Surgical Review Corporation. During the pandemic, Dr. Deal’s online efforts have paid off in spades for his practice, which has grown into a national company with 50 employees and $9.5 million in gross sales during the year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Such impeccable foresight was not built overnight. Dr. Deal admits to being way too carefree when he was just starting his practice, so much so that people mistook his trusting ways as a sign of weakness. A former business partner even took advantage of him, to the detriment of his employees. Despite being a surgeon, Dr. Deal realized he had to be just as good as a businessman if he wanted to protect his business and the people working on it with him. Dr. Deal had to dig deep within himself to change his focus now that he’s got dozens of people depending on him for their livelihoods. This experience allowed him to develop the one quality which he thinks is non-negotiable for any businessman who wishes to succeed: adaptability.

The example of Dr. Chad Deal and Southern Surgical Arts shows how a focus on quality and the proper moves for adapting to changing landscapes can allow a company to thrive in spite of the challenges faced by the world today. To find out more about the good doctor and his practice, you may visit Dr. Deal’s Instagram at @drhidef.ssa or the Southern Surgical Arts website.

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