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Alexi Meyers, Seth Meyers’s wife, gave birth to their third child

This Thanksgiving, Seth Meyers has another reason to be grateful: his newborn daughter. His wife gave birth to a girl more than two months ago, according to the late-night host.

The Late Night host announced his wife of eight years, Alexi Ashe, gave birth to their 3rd child together more than two months ago during the Thanksgiving edition of his CORRECTIONS segment. He teased, “I am now very excited to provide what I believe to be the best correction that I will ever give.”

 “I’ve stated many times on this podcast that I’m a father of two children. That is not the case. I’ve been a father of three for the past ten weeks.”

Seth uploaded a video of his two kids, Ashe, 5, and Axel, 3, dressed as turkeys to reveal their new sister, who was also dressed in a turkey costume, on his late-night show’s Thanksgiving episode. Before exposing the newborn, the youngsters exclaimed, “One, two, three, surprise!”

Hillary Meyers, Seth’s mother and a guest on the Thanksgiving programme, got the distinction of naming her child Adelaide after her mother and Seth’s grandmother. “Knowing Seth and Alexi, I knew it had to start with an A; it had to be a clever name, and I know how important family is to all of them,” Hillary explained.

While the news is a pleasant surprise, Seth’s children’s births usually make the news. Alexi gave birth to their son Axel in the foyer of their apartment building, he announced to viewers in 2018.

“‘We’re about to have a kid!’ I told 911 during the course of a minute chat. We’re expecting a child! We had a child, “At the time, Seth stated on the show. “I went from receiving an emergency call to simply sharing the happy news with a stranger. ‘Yes, it’s a boy!’ for instance.”

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