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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Years later, a Manitoba lady discovers she was a part of the 1960s Scoop

Lori-Ann Lucas, 51, discovered a discovery that she says filled a void in her life that she had been looking to fill for a long time.

“I’ve always felt a little off, and I’ve never been able to pinpoint why.” I knew there was something missing – I felt like I belonged, but I didn’t.”

Lucas has been adopted. She started looking for her birth family three months ago.

She uncovered her adoption papers, which included the name of her birth mother. She uploaded the paperwork online and begged for help linking her with relatives via social media.

“I really sank to my knees and started crying when the first one walked in and told me how we’re linked, and I said, ‘These are the pieces that I’m missing.'”

She realized she is Ojibway and hails from the Ebb and Flow First Nation, where she has dozens of relatives spread over the prairies.

Her biggest revelation, however, was that she was a member of the 1960s Scoop.

Lucas claims she eventually made contact with an older sister, who told her about her last memory of her when she was approximately a year old.

“She recalls us kids hiding in a closet and her holding me,” she says. We’re estimating it’ll be around six months. “She was holding me and trying to keep me quiet,” Lucas explained.

“Then she recalls Grandma yelling and shouting, as well as her opening the door a crack.” Grandma, armed with a baseball bat, was attempting to repel them. She has no idea what’s going on and has to fight off whoever was trying to break into the house. That was, sadly, the day they caught us.”

Lucas was adopted by her current family after being fostered by a white family. She’s subsequently discovered she has two elder brothers, one of who has died and the other of whom she has yet to locate.

Around 20,000 Indigenous children are thought to have been kidnapped from their families in the 1960s in order to convert them into Western society.

She met a distant cousin, Rose Laquette, while researching her birth family’s history, and she claims she has been aiding her in rediscovering her culture.

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