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Students in the Montreal area have hands-on experience with Black culture

Since it’s Black History Month, educators are thinking of new ways to teach children about Black culture and history.

Natasha Mentore, the acting principal at St-John Fisher Elementary School in Pointe-Claire, is Black, and she organised a class that she believes helps students enhance their self-confidence.

She’s educating them on the facts of her hair type.

She told News during a morning class Thursday, “It’s just something a little bit more practical that Black men and women experience on a daily basis.”

She stated that this included putting one’s hand in another’s hair.

She continues, “Touching hair is something that happens a lot.” “Adults stroke children’s hair, and children stroke each other’s hair.”

She stated that she hopes to appreciate the children’s curiosity about one another’s uniqueness while teaching them to be courteous and accepting through her workshops.

“Whether our hair is straight or curly, we are first human beings,” she insisted.

Katherine Mohamed, a kindergarten teacher, thinks that the workshops allow pupils to engage with one another in new ways.

“We live in a very colourful environment,” she said, “and I believe it’s critical that students see and acknowledge the distinctions.”

Mohamed expressed the hope that the session may benefit at least one of her students in a different way. Mia Legault-Symonds, a five-year-old bi-racial girl, has naturally curly hair. The child, according to her instructor, prefers it straight.

“I wanted to look like the other girls with straight hair,” Mohamed explained.

Legault-Symonds stated, “I enjoy it because it’s beautiful.” When my hair is curly, there are knots.”

For too many kids, especially those of colour, the ideal of beauty they see is straight hair, according to the principle.

“It’s unfortunate that people believe the ideal of beauty isn’t what they see in the mirror,” Mentore said.

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