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P.E.I. artists get $50K in grants from the region

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘I’m so pleased, so keen,’ says the P.E.I. singer.
  • Tiffany Liu was granted $4,000 to support recording her first album. 

It’s been almost 20 years since Tiffany Liu first chose the pipa, but only lately did she make a move to attempt to become a full-time singer. 

“The sound of this instrument is so lovely,” she stated. 

“Even now, I enjoy playing it every day at home.”

The pipa is a classic Chinese instrument made from wood and shaped like a pear. 

On the roads of Charlottetown, she said people usually react to her music with a simple “wow.” But in one case, she remembers bringing a lady to tears.

“After they cried, I cried,” she told. “I felt I could do something for people … convert my stories to be with their stories.”

Recording an album

Liu is one of 16 Island musicians who lately got a grant from the region to help change an idea into reality. 

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It’s been almost 20 years since Tiffany Liu first chose the pipa, but only lately did she make a move to attempt to become a full-time singer

Now, she is on a mission to make her very first album — a mix of traditional Chinese music and her adventures from living on P.E.I.

“I got $4,000. I am going to spend it mainly on the studio recording, and then the remainder of it I will pay on the manufacturing,” said Liu.

“The stories I sense behind those traditional Chinese songs are very distinct from years back … The island offered me so much, love.”

Directing a film

A sum of $50,000 was granted through the regional Arts Grants program. 

Artists get $1,500 to $7,000 to make projects centered around music, dance, poetry, theatre, movie, and more. 

“I got a budget for $5,000 to create a movie called Rebirth regarding altering the Black history in film and society in general,” stated filmmaker Dotun Adedoyin.

Source – CBC News


Cavendish gets set to host thousands ahead of the music festival kickoff

Key takeaways: 

  • With record-breaking ticket deals, festival organizers anticipate 25,000 people per day.
  • Festival organizers state there will be 45 acts performing throughout the festival, with stars including Luke Combs and Darius Rucker.

The last countdown to the Cavendish Beach Music Festival weekend has started, and the festival team and event crews are preparing to host thousands of people.

The festival is back this summer after being revoked in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19. 

“It’s rather amazing,” stated festival CEO, Ben Murphy. 

“Just to see many of the same people from different sellers and contract employees, to be working with them again.” 

Murphy said workers have been prepping the site for the previous two weeks and are now putting up the last details. Food and drink sellers have come, and units are setting up production tools on the main stage. 

Murphy said the festival witnessed record-breaking ticket sales, with weekend passes selling out in days. He stated the event, which runs July 7-9, will host nearly 25,000 people daily.

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The festival is back this summer after being revoked in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19

“I think it belongs to show that there’s a little pent-up demand over the previous three years, and so we can’t wait to receive back people,” he stated. 

There will be 45 acts performing throughout the festival, told Murphy, and headliners including Luke Combs and Darius Rucker have also fuelled the need for tickets. 

Businesses prepared for big groups 

Next to the festival lands in Avonlea Village, businesses store different products on shelves and add the team to manage the inflow of visitors. 

“There are lots to do, and we’ve been working with the music festival to make certain things move smoothly,” stated Peter Fullerton, property manager at Avonlea Village. 

He stated fencing had been set up to make tracks directing people to and from the festival.

Source – CBC News


Britney Spears’ father is demanding legal fees, which her lawyer calls “shameful”

Jamie Spears, the father of pop star Britney Spears, has asked the court to fund the costs of his legal representation.


Britney Spears’ lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has slammed her father, Jamie Spears, for requesting that Britney pay his legal bills after he was suspended from her now-discontinued conservatorship. Mr Spears was singled out by the lawyer, who termed his demand “shameful.”

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Mr Rosengart addressed Mr Jamie’s demand. “The request is disgraceful,” he remarked. As Britney’s conservator, Mr Spears collected millions of dollars while paying his lawyers millions more, all from Britney’s hard work and hard-earned money.”

“The conservatorship has been dissolved, and Mr Spears has been ignominiously suspended,” he continued. In the circumstances, his petition is not only legally ineffective, but it is also an outrage.

Britney has already spoken publicly about the anguish her father has given her, and this simply adds to it. This is not what a loving father does for his daughter.”

Mr Spears asked the court to fund the costs of his legal representation, who are “engaging in proceedings addressing his ongoing fiduciary duties linked to winding up” the singer’s conservatorship, according to court documents acquired by The Hollywood Reporter.

Britney Spears

The petition noted that “prompt payment on account of Jamie’s attorneys’ fees is required to guarantee that the Conservatorship can be wound up promptly and efficiently, allowing Britney to reclaim control of her life as she and Jamie desire.”

When she brought her father to court over the legal arrangement, the singer was required to pay both her own and her father’s legal bills and fees as part of the conservatorship agreement.

It came to an end in September, when Mr Spears petitioned to terminate his legal conservatorship before being fired as the pop star’s conservator. Britney’s conservatorship was then legally dissolved by a LA judge in November of this year.

According to the documents, “Jamie’s fiduciary obligations did not end with his suspension or with the order terminating the Conservatorship,” and that if he does not pay for his legal representation, he will face “personal bankruptcy and ruin defending spurious accusations.”

The petition argued, “No one would ever desire to take into the role of a conservator if a conservatee could force a conservator to personally pay considerable legal expenditures defending baseless claims.”

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Adele fans are outraged that resale tickets are selling for $35,000

The singer’s Las Vegas residency tickets sold out in minutes, and resellers have raised the cost by anywhere from $2K to $35K.

Reselling concert tickets has proven to be an easy way to make a few extra cash. While it can be a lucrative business for hustlers, it can also be a thorn in the side of the industry and fans. Jazmine Sullivan recently addressed the controversy surrounding her tour, claiming that resellers had grabbed up a large number of tickets and are selling them at exorbitant prices.

Adele is another artist who has recently been the victim of a resale nightmare, and her fans are furious. The artist will perform at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas, and tickets were quickly sold out.

As her followers have attempted to purchase tickets from resellers, they have discovered that the prices have risen from $2K to $35K. Adele will play a series of weekend shows called Weekends with Adele from January through April, and while her devoted fans are anxious to see her live, especially since she stated that she wouldn’t be touring her new album 30 due to the pandemic, many can’t afford to.


However, many resellers will be forced to lower their pricing because the general public will be unable to pay in the long run. Regardless, they’re making a lot of money.

The singer recently appeared in a YouTube video with beauty expert Nikkie de Jager, in which she addressed the controversy.

The release of her album, 30, Adele has been more scheduled and busy than ever before. The English singer-songwriter has already performed for a large group of close celebrity friends, spoken with Oprah about some important life changes, and revealed her future Las Vegas residency.

In the midst of it all, the 33-year-old made time to collaborate with beauty guru Nikkie de Jager – commonly known as Nikkie Tutorials – on a fun cosmetic video, during which they also discussed social media, specifically Instagram. “Do you have a lot of direct messages?” As she put cosmetics to her face, Nikkie enquired.

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doja cat

Little Brother, a legendary hip hop combo, was honoured by Doja Cat

That was the only rhyme he could come up with.

Doja Cat praised Little Brother, a famed North Carolina hip hop group, on Instagram live on Friday. Phonte and Big Pooh, who make up the group, are responsible for one of Doja’s all-time favourite verses in rap history, on the single “Whatever You Say” from Little Brother’s 2003 debut, The Listening.

While applying her eyeliner, Doja Cat informed her Instagram followers, “That’s one of my fave verses in the entire fuckin’ history of rap, ever.” “Wow, that shit was smooth as silk.”

He didn’t say a single word that rhymed. I don’t give a damn what anyone says. Perhaps the final bar. ‘Personal time inversed in rhyme,’ he said. That was the only rhyme he could come up with. The rest of the verse was not rhymed at all. Nothing.

It didn’t rhyme in the least, yet it worked. It was successful. You’re not required to rhyme.”

“IN THE RACIAL CHAT ROOMS BUMPIN @LittleBrotherNC!!!” Phonte responded to a clip from the stream that surfaced on Twitter. @DojaCat, many thanks. Thank you for taking the time to listen.”

“I love you dude, you’re a fuckin’ legend,” Doja Cat said.

It’s been an incredible year for fashion, with plenty of memorable events.

doja cat

The year 2021 was out of the norm from the start. As you may be aware, we’ve been living in unusual times for quite some time, with the light at the end of the tunnel frequently feeling as if it’s just around the corner— and many of this year’s most memorable fashion moments perfectly represent that.

While much of 2020 was spent in the house, industry giants have returned to work in the last 12 months, with music videos, concerts, red carpets, and award events all making a steady comeback. Now that the year is over, we’ve compiled a list of singers and rappers that we believe nailed their looks this year and deserve to be recognised for it.

One of the greatest pleasures of being a celebrity, it appears, is having access to a steady rotation of designer outfits – especially once you’ve reached a certain degree of popularity, as many of the folks we’re honouring this year certainly have.

Imagine wearing Schiaparelli, Christian Louboutin, and Jean-Paul Gaultier outfits all in one night. Only the number one rapper on our list has the ability to accomplish such a feat.

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‘Icy Chain,’ a playful new single from Saweetie, is out now

Saweetie has released her new tune, “Icy Chain,” in advance of her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The lighthearted, freewheeling anthem was released as an early gift on digital platforms yesterday (November 19), ahead of the rapper’s live performance on the show this weekend.

Dr Luke, Rocco Did It Again!, and Lil Aaron produced ‘Icy Chain.’ After January’s Doja Cat collaboration ‘Best Friend’ and 2020 single ‘Tap In,’ this is Saweetie’s third collaboration with Dr Luke. Kesha and the producer are currently involved in a legal fight.

Saweetie’s latest song arrives as she continues to work on her long-awaited first album, ‘Pretty Bitch Music.’ Listen to it in the player below.

Saweetie uploaded a rehearsal video on Instagram before the single’s release, showcasing the rapper and her dancers rehearsing for SNL while the music plays in the background.

Saweetie disclosed to Vulture in July that her partnership with Dr Luke – real name Lukasz Gottwald – is the result of a contractual “bundle contract,” which explains why their work covers many projects. She firstly said in an interview that she was unaware of the charges when she agreed to work with him.

“It was a great offer when I was put in the position to work with him,” she explained. “That music had been in my possession for nearly two years. So, what are your thoughts? Do I risk my artistry by releasing them, or do I keep them in the vault?”

“Hopefully, we don’t get ourselves into any contentious situations in the future,” she said when asked if she would work with Gottwald again.

On Friday, Saweetie released two new tracks, one of which is titled “Icy Chain.” ‘Attitude,’ her contribution to ‘Bruised (Soundtrack From and Inspired by the Netflix Film),’ was released alongside the album, which was curated by Cardi B and Halle Barry, the film’s lead star.

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Adele joked that her kid Angelo isn’t a big fan of her music: ‘He doesn’t actually care’

Since her debut with 19 in 2008, Adele has gained a legion of fans across the world with her booming, expressive singing voice.

When she was explaining to Zane Lowe why she doesn’t care about catering to TikTok and commodifying her music to appeal to a younger age, she fell out laughing and acknowledged, “I mean, Angelo isn’t a fan of mine.”

Adele went on to say that Angelo, whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki, equates the term “rolling in the deep” with Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut In The Ocean,” not with her Grammy-winning song of the same name from 2010.

She went on to say, “He doesn’t really care.” “It’s excellent.”

Adele clarified with Lowe that 30, her fourth studio album, is “for my son, for Angelo” and that there is a single titled “My Little Love” that is specifically about Angelo.

“My Little Love” contains “snippets of talks she had with Angelo” that were “recorded at her therapist’s recommendation” during what Adele dubbed her “Year of Anxiety” around her divorce from Konecki according to Adele’s Vogue cover story.

“I felt I had to express [Angelo’s] story in a song,” Adele told Lowe of the day she wrote “My Little Love” in Los Angeles, “because it was evident he was suffering [the implications of her unhappiness], even though I thought I was doing a great job of being like, ‘Everything’s fantastic!'” I was also aware that I wasn’t being as present as I could be.

I was present in the sense that I was present in real life, but I wasn’t actually there. He got up the guts to declare to me, “You’re virtually a ghost,” because I was just so occupied by so many things, so many different feelings. It’s as though you’re not even here… I was brokenhearted when he said, “I can’t see you,” to my face as a small child.”

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Britney Spears describes the end of her guardianship as “the best day ever”

“The conservatorship of Britney Spears’ person and estate is hereby terminated as of today. And that is the court’s decision “Judge Brenda Penny opined.

Los Angeles: 

A judge in L.A on Friday ended the contentious guardianship that had ruled Britney Spears’ life for the previous 13 years, restoring her independence as well as ownership of a multimillion-dollar mansion.

The decision, which was greeted with loud shouts and showers of pink confetti by Spears’ supporters outside the downtown courthouse, puts an end to a conservatorship long handled by her father and characterized as oppressive by the “Toxic” singer.

The guardianship came to an end after Jamie Spears, the pop princess’s father was removed from his position as her financial and estate director at a hearing in September.

At the beginning of Friday’s brief session, both sides restated their support for removing the guardianship as soon as possible.

“The conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears’ person and the estate is hereby ended as of today. And that is the court’s decision “Judge Brenda Penny said.

FILE PHOTO: Britney Spears

Spears and her millions of global fans have been advocating for years to end a conservatorship that began after her highly public 2007 breakdown when she attacked a paparazzo’s car at a gas station.

On the grounds that “this was a voluntary conservatorship” and “all parties agree,” Judge Penny granted Spears’ request for the arrangement to cease without the requirement for a mental evaluation.

“The court notices and decides that the conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears’ person and the estate is no longer necessary,” she wrote.

Fans outside the courthouse, who had been advocating for years for the conservatorship to end, could barely control their pleasure and relief.

Danielle Kushner, 30, said, “She believed no one would believe her… she’s just a completely capable human being.”

“We all feel like she’s a friend, and we’ve tried to talk to her but haven’t been able to!”

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‘Out For Blood’ by Code Orange is a blazing new track from the band

Code Orange have released a new tune titled ‘Out For Blood,’

The song is the Pittsburgh band’s first since their fourth studio album, ‘Underneath,’ was released in March 2020.

“When they go right, we move left,” lead Jami Morgan remarked about the song. We’re just getting started with Code Orange, which is OUT FOR BLOOD.”

‘Out For Blood,’ produced by Rob Cavallo (My Chemical Romance, Green Day), is a standalone single rather than a preview of a forthcoming album. It’s complemented with a carnage-filled, strobe-heavy video.

“This is a band that wants its records to make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable,” NME stated in a four-star review of ‘Underneath.’ Jami has stated that they aimed to make an album that was “artful and thoughtful but also sad” with “Forever.” ‘Underneath is definitely superior to that vision. This record will cause blood to flow and bruises to appear, as it is a game-changer that has once again raised the standard.”

After the COVID-19 outbreak stopped gigs, the band performed a live stream from an empty venue in Pittsburgh to promote the album.

Code Orange, along with Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, and others, performed at Slipknot’s Knotfest Los Angeles broadcast earlier this month.

Code Orange will perform at the Graspop Metal Meeting 2022, which will have Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Aerosmith as headliners. Between June 16 and 19, the “25th XL edition” of the event will take place in Dessel, Belgium.

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Comedy, classical music Christmas super weekend coming to NACC

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre will host a double-act, super weekend of comedy and classical music on Dec. 12-13. 

Although the Ever Late Show: Christmas Edition! comedy event and the Gryphon Trio Celebrate Beethoven@250 Watch Party events are catered to different audiences, NACC executive director Marie Coderre said she’s trying to cater to as wide an audience as possible leading up to the holiday season.Advertisement

Martin Rehak, right, throws flowers to the crowd with Skye Plowman at a summer performance at the Willideh traditional site. Baby Brian Weadick performs in the background. Rehak and Plowman will be back on Dec. 12 for a Christmas comedy show. 

“We’re trying to target two different crowds and we tried to find programs that could really satisfy local audiences with laughter while also celebrating a big composer,” Coderre said.

Tickets are now on sale for the Ever Late Show: Christmas Edition, to be held on Dec. 12 at 1 p.m. The event will feature Martin Rehak and JD and a lineup of comedians. 

Rehak, 36, has been part of NACC’s mentorship program for more than a year and has been among the Yellowknife-based arts performers building a community of comedians in town, said Coderre. 

“I think that during the pandemic, we really need to laugh right now and we really need funny content,” she said. “We are used to having music shows for Christmas and stuff like that, but I think  a parody comedy show around Christmas will be quite different and quite relevant in these unprecedented times.”

Marie Coderre, executive and artistic director of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC), has organized a weekend of comedy and classical music on Dec. 12-13 to reach a broad audience ahead of the holiday season.
NNSL file photo.

The lineup will also feature comedians Skye Plowman and Emily Blake, a brief appearance by Tom Parker and other surprise acts.

The musical guest is Ryan McCord and there will also be a special appearance by David Thomas Micheal. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are only 50 spots available for the live act in the cultural centre. However, the event will be broadcast via Facebook and Northwestel later that day at 7:30 p.m. 

All sales will be online as the box office is closed and people who attend are asked to take public health precautions. 

Coderre said the show will be a Christmas-based parody and viewers are advised there could be adult content involved. 

NACC hosted a Martin Rehak event in August at the Willideh stage and he said that audiences can expect a similar performance.

“It will be like a late-night talk show format with multimedia and local acts with some silly bits in-between and sketches,” he explained. “The one at Willideh was the first of its kind that we had done and this is the next installment as a Christmas edition.”

Gryphon Trio

The same weekend will also feature a virtual concert by the Gryphon Trio on Dec. 13 at 3 p.m.  to mark the 250th birthday of musical composer Beethoven.

One of Canada’s most celebrated classical music trios, the Gryphon Trio comprises pianist Jamie Parker, cellist Roman Borys and violinist Annalee Patipatanakoon. 

Tickets are also on sale for that event. The show will include a pre-recorded performance of Beethoven’s G Major Piano Trio Op. 1, No. 2 and the Piano Trio in Bb Major, Op. 97, nicknamed the “Archduke.” 

The Gryphon Trio will be holding a virtual concert on Dec. 13. Ticket-holders will be able to participate in a question-and-answer session with the classical Canadian musicians.
photo courtesy of the Gryphon Trio official website

The event will only be seen via screen, exclusively for ticket-holders.

“All the classical music lovers will love that show and we’ll have a chance to talk to the members afterwards,” Coderre said. “I will be on stage with them on the screen and we will have a discussion and the audience will be able to ask questions. “

She said that show will be a reunion of sorts as the Gryphon Trio have toured in the NWT in the past, the last time being December 2016 as part of the Broken Hearts and Madmen Project.

“So yes, it’s good just going to be a reunion with the Gryphon Trio who have been an important asset for the community here and who have done so much for the Northwest Territories,” she said. “I’m sure they will be thrilled to to see a few patrons even though it will be just 50 people.”