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Why some RBC clients were wondering where their cash went


Key takeaways: 

  • Bank says it’s fixed a problem that led to e-transfers disappearing from several accounts.
  • In an emailed comment to CBC News on Friday night, RBC said it fixed a technical problem affecting some e-transfers and that the funds are now in clients’ accounts. 

It was a startling discovery for Tanya Shields first thing Friday morning.

The citizen of Fall River, N.S., said she logged on to her Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) account to pay some bills with cash she got via e-transfer from customers of her small business.

But the funds weren’t there.

“It was a little bit scary,” Shields said.

On Thursday evening, she got confirmation that the funds had been successfully transferred, so the point that it was missing was a problem.

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Bank says it’s fixed a problem that led to e-transfers disappearing from several accounts

Shields even had her spouse transfer funds to her to assure that things worked perfectly. His deposit was transferred successfully.

“Which was more concerning than the funds not being there in the first place,” she stated.

Others having similar problems

Shields states she checked social media and the bank’s website, but no data handled her issue.

She knew banks were shut on Friday and Monday due to the Easter weekend and were worried she would end up stressing regarding this for days.

CBC News heard from other bank clients who experienced similar problems.

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