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Spring lobster fishing season to open Tuesday in areas of Maritimes


Key takeaways: 

  • The setting day was postponed due to the climate.
  • Traps are silhouetted on the pier as fishers bait and load them onto a ship.

The lobster fishing months in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence will open on Tuesday.

On Saturday, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans declared that lobster fishing parts 23, 24, 26A, and 26B South would open on May 3 at 6 a.m. 

That has parts along the northeastern coast of New Brunswick, the north shore of P.E.I., the western coast of Cape Breton, and the area of the Northumberland Strait.

The season was considered to begin on Saturday, but the D.F.O. delayed the opening before this week due to the climate and the requirement for dredging at many harbors.

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The lobster fishing months in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence will open on Tuesday

Gerard Holland, who fishes out of North Lake and defines the harbor at the LFA 24 advisory committee, said it was a “smart decision” to postpone the opening to assure fishermen are safe.

While dredging at North Lake hasn’t wholly been completed, Holland said fishers at the harbor shouldn’t have any issue setting out on Tuesday.

“There have been several years in the past that some harbors had dredging issues, and the season was opened, and they sort of got left behind,” he said.

“So I’m happy to see … both our advisory board and D.F.O. took dredging into account this year to make certain that it would be secure for everybody to move.”

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