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Several PEI businesses decided to resume the Vax Pass protocol


Key takeaways:

  • ‘It’s security; that’s all it is.’
  • The Vax Pass was suspended Monday, but Campbell’s Cove Campground in Souris told it would still request its camper’s proof of vaccination. 

Vax Pass protocol to be adopted by businesses in PEI: 

Some Islanders are bringing it upon themselves to request vaccination verification from clients at their businesses despite it no longer being a need across the region.

Among them is Jennifer Mooney, manager at Campbell’s Cove Campground in Souris, who told the policy is one of many actions that keep individuals feeling as secure as they can on their site.

“If we anticipate you … to decrease the risk factors of kids getting hurt, by not reeling in a car through our campground, then we also wish you to lower the risk factors of kids being ill by being vaccinated during a global pandemic,” she stated.

Mooney said there is no decision for those who don’t want to yield because, despite the campground being outdoors, it is a little property, and she likes campers to feel relaxed in that kind of group setting.

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Vax Pass protocol to be resumed by some PEI businesses

Community reply

She stated that the business hadn’t got a lot of negative feedback for restarting the policy since its disposal.

But even if there was pushback from those who disagreed, Mooney said she isn’t too concerned since the family-run company thinks most Islanders feel in collaboration and want what is most suitable for themselves and the neighborhood.

“I’m a little nervous that a few individuals are moving to try and call it divisive and pull it into a political conflict, and that’s their intention to do so,” she stated.

“But we will not be amusing in that. We’re about security; we’ve always been regarding safety, neurotically so.”

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