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Several P.E.I. hair salons, barbershops doubling down on safeness amid Omicron


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘My clientele trust me and same with the other girls so they feel pretty relaxed.’
  • ‘The nature of barbering and hairstyling, anyways, is packed with sanitation and cleanliness — we’ve been taking it a phase further,’ states Sean Aylward.

Hair salons and barbershops take a step further in safety: 

Whether it be leniency in revocations or moving team around to make things work, several hair salons and barbershops on P.E.I. are adjusting to increasing cases of COVID-19.

Sean Aylward, owner of the Humble Barber in Summerside and Charlottetown, states there have been revocations in the previous few weeks because individuals are worried or are self-isolating. 

“It’s a mixed bag. We’re beginning to get a lot of revocations, really over the last couple weeks as the cases have gone up,” he informed Island Morning. Source –

“Whether it’s from people who are concerned for their safety.… We’ve had revocations from individuals who have COVID or people who have to self-isolate.” Source –

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Hair salons and barber shops in PEI look for extra safety amid increasing covid cases

During times like this, businesses have to be understanding when it reaches revocations, he stated. If individuals don’t feel relaxed going in then you have to admire that.

“We’re understanding, we get it for certain. We’re not giving individuals a hard time,” he stated. Source –

For those who are fit but want to get a cut, the Humble Barber is going to offer one day a week when there are rarer staff and clients in the building. 

The view is that on Mondays there will be one or two barbers, no front desk team or waiting room, and “it will just be a one-on-one thing.

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