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P.E.I. processing potatoes moving to Alberta French fry factory


Key takeaways: 

  • As numerous as who could direct 700 tractor-trailer freight west.
  • Curley states they will be sending the potatoes by truck, for now, because of worries regarding shipping them by rail to Alberta during the winter and potentially freezing whole shipments.

The P.E.I. processed potato headed to a French fry plant in Alberta: 

A P.E.I. firm brokered a pact to ship as many as 700 tractor-trailer loads of surplus P.E.I. processing potatoes to a french fry factory in Alberta.

The agreement was put jointly by Terry Curley of Monaghan Farms, an aspect of a working group set up to trade with the potato wart problem. 

“Anything going P.E.I. is a help. There’s no question regarding that. We as an industry could have as many as 10,000 tractor-trailer loads we’re going to have to destroy here whenever that may happen,” Curley stated.  “This order here is likely in the range of 700 tractor-trailers. So it’s a help, not even 10 percent of what we’re going to have to get rid of. The U.S. market is the big one.”  Source –

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The PEI processing potatoes are being headed to Alberta’s French Fry plant

Before what shut the border on Nov. 21, Curley stated that American firms had claimed to get in processing potatoes from P.E.I.

“Our local processor, as we comprehend it, have everything they require, and because of the strong growing year and the quality, as good as it was, there was an option here to move potatoes to the Pacific Northwest,” Curley stated. Source –

“We did it back 10 or 11 years ago into Pasco, Washington, through the states. So they reached us, and we were asked to assist put this together.” Source –

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