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P.E.I. growers struggle to prepare ahead as fertilizer prices double 


Key takeaways: 

  • Russia is a significant exporter of some fertilizer nutrients; boycotts are driving a shortage.
  • The Russian attack on Ukraine and the resulting embargoes put on Russia have resulted in a fertilizer shortage.

Growers on P.E.I. will be paying more to get their crops began this year as the price of fertilizer soars. 

Russia is a top producer of some nutrients that go into mineral-rich fertilizer required to make commercial-sized yields on the Island.

“We’ve seen the potash price go from about $570 in the fall last year … per tonne, upwards of 1,300 dollars per tonne now,” stated Donald Killorn, executive director of the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture.

Russia is the top producer of potash, which adds potassium to fertilizers, and also a leading maker of urea, which is used to add nutrients to fertilizers, Killorn stated.

“There’s no end in sight. They persist in rising in cost today. So, you know, next year’s crop is on the way to being even more costly than this year’s.”

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Growers on P.E.I. will be paying more to get their crops

The Russian charge of Ukraine and the resulting boycotts put on Russia for its actions have resulted in a shortage.

Killorn said with the price of production going up, the cost of food will also go up, with cost increases being handed on to the customer.

Dale Hickox farms vegetables at his farm in Vernon River. He said the fertilizer price is setting financial pressure on him and other growers.

“I haven’t got all my fertilizer numbers confirmed yet, but it looks nearly double for most blends that I normally use,” he said. “The high input prices will be too tough on everybody this particular season.” 

“Whether the marketplace will give us what we’re going to require because of the other input prices, I’m sure that most individuals are a little uncertain of that.”

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