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Cohen Branden Chorabik: From Humble Beginnings to Building a Leading E-commerce Business

Cohen Chorabik is a man who has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. As the cofounder and CMO of Smart FBA, the 27 year old is recognized internationally as spearheading one of the most googled Amazon automation companies out there. His e-commerce business has enjoyed an exceptional period of growth, which is especially pleasing for the Canadian who describes himself as a man of humble beginnings.

“When I graduated with a diploma in Geomatics Engineering Technology, I felt, combined with my instinctive love for business, I had everything I needed to launch a career as an entrepreneur,” explained Chorabik.

Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go to plan for Chorabik. Although his chosen career in multi-level marketing got off to a flying start and he quickly grew a six-figure income, it all crashed around his ears and left him wondering what had gone wrong.

“I was inexperienced and a bit naive,” revealed Chorabik. “I sort of felt I could fly before I could even crawl and that was a mistake. Yet every cloud has a silver lining, and if I hadn’t experienced such early failure, I probably would have just coasted along and never created something which I believe is truly significant and a game-changer.”

That something is Smart FBA. In simple terms, Chorabik’s company assists clients in gaining approval to sell major brands such as Nike and Adidas in their Amazon stores. Smart FBA has its own warehouse and, therefore, enjoys a marked advantage over other Amazon automation groups who rely on outsourcing to make ends meet. Chorabik is intensely proud of his e-commerce business and believes it reflects his personal approach and philosophy to life.

Chorabik explained, “You can give someone with a negative attitude and poor mindset the best opportunities in life, and they will still do nothing with them. Yet a true entrepreneur only needs a limited opportunity to turn it into gold. That’s the difference, and that is exactly the ethos behind Smart FBA. What we offer works, and works well, but only for go-getting and can-do individuals who are not afraid to fail, and more importantly, learn from their failures.”

Chorabik added, “I was always known as the quiet kid in school and I came from a modest background, but I’m living proof that with teamwork and tenacity, anyone can enjoy success. I now see it as my job to spread that message to as many people as possible through Smart FBA.”

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