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Charlottetown Airport may soon be back to pre-pandemic levels of air traffic


Key takeaways: 

  • Swoop landing for the 1st time on P.E.I. sign of an active summer, says Charlottetown Airport C.E.O.
  • The first Swoop flight from Hamilton to P.E.I. had nearly 125 passengers onboard. 

After two years of pandemic travel responses that dropped several carriers, the Charlottetown Airport is adding new flights.

Swoop made its first landing in Charlottetown on Sunday, coming from Hamilton with 125 passengers. A Swoop flight from Toronto is expected to arrive Monday. It’s a signal the airport will be active this tourism season, states Doug Newson, C.E.O. of the Charlottetown Airport Authority.

“We put out a declaration the other day just to alert people that specific times of day will be quite busy here at the airport, so individuals should get here … well in advance,” Newson said.

He said four airlines would work with at least a dozen flights coming and leaving, relying on the day.

“We’re just super keen after two years of … very little traffic and activity in this terminal facility at the airport,” Newson said.

Swoop, a low-cost carrier, was considered to start operations on the Island in the spring of 2020, but that was postponed due to COVID-19.

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Swoop made its first landing in Charlottetown on Sunday

“We are very hopeful regarding a hectic summer,” said Bert van der Stege, head of commercial and finance for Swoop.

“Canadians are willing to travel again, prepared to explore the magnificence Canada offers, and keen to reconnect with family and mates.”

With how active things are at the airport, Newson is upbeat heading into the summer.

“I think this summer we could get there for pre-pandemic during the summer months, maybe as before as June,” he said.

While evidence of vaccination and masking is still needed, there is no longer COVID-19 testing for a domestic trip, Newson stated. “It’s beginning to feel like an airport again.”

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