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Car sellers hopeful supply of new vehicles will arrive this spring


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘I would state things are more optimistic than they were in 2021,’ states the head of auto dealers’ organization.
  • The P.E.I. Automobile Dealers Association declares inventory levels in the region rely on the manufacturer and brand. 

Car sellers optimistic in Prince Edward Island: 

Amid a lack of new cars on P.E.I. throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, several car dealers state manufacturers inform them that supplies and inventory should begin to balance outcome in March or April.

“It’s still early for inventory forecasts for the calendar year, but I would state things are more optimistic than they were in 2021,” stated P.E.I.  Source –

However, several Islanders have already made efforts to adjust to the lingering supply chain uncertainties.

Kensington citizen Gordon Coffin has been reluctantly driving his convertible in the middle of winter while waiting for the year-round four-by-four he requested in September.

“I’m not going to put winter tires on a convertible, OK,” stated Coffin. “It’s not what I should be driving.” Source –

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Car dealers optimistic about new vehicles coming this spring

He drove a four-by-four truck standard for fighting severe winters for the previous few years, but he stated he desired to reduce and get a new hybrid vehicle.

The Coffin was optimistic it would come before winter. But due to the uncertainty, his only choice is to be especially careful where he goes with his car.

Coffin stated he understands others who have brought their demands on time despite seeing the low inventory at the Summerside car lots he’s driven through.

“My dealer was very upfront with me and said, ‘We are undergoing supply chain problems,'” stated Coffin. Source –

“Christmas has arrived and gone, and the seller has been responsive, but obviously, there’s not a thing that the seller can do.” Source –

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