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Blogging About Your Products: 4 Effective Tips from Louis Cooke

There is hardly any entrepreneur who wouldn’t want to generate more customers and increase sales. But it isn’t as easy as you think. While dropshipping is a profitable industry, you need to pay significant attention to marketing your business to stay in the rat race and survive amid the cut-throat competition.

Louis Cooke, an online marketer, turned drop shipper, recommends blogging about your products to achieve better sales. He says, “According to Hubspot, 47% of your buyers read at least three to five blog posts on your website before buying anything. Many statistics also prove that blogs expand your B2C reach. I’ve always advised people not to invest heavily in social media ads. But I highly recommend that you post blogs about your products.”

For those who already post blogs but want to improve their techniques, Cooke offers the following tips:

1. Make exciting announcements

Instead of writing a monotonous blog about your product, spice it up with some good news. Cooke is one of the first dropshippers who used blogs to reach out to his target audience. He blogged about various things, such as sale updates, upcoming discount offers, new partnerships, and even the announcement of product launches. Cooke believes that exciting announcements keep your audience wanting more, thus increasing the possibility of converting leads into customers.

2. Product tutorials

Even if your product contains a user manual, your blog should include a featured tutorial. Cooke believes that not everyone reads the tutorial after buying. Many people may want to read how to use the product before purchasing to get an idea if it’s easy to use or not. Cooke uses not only product tutorials but also creative graphics to explain instructions. These innovative ideas make Cooke one of the most successful drop-shippers in the business right now.

3. Mention trending products belonging to your niche

Highlighting your products’ features is fine, but make sure to mention the trending products belonging to your niche. Cooke explains that a few changes in your marketing strategy can make a world of difference to your sales. “For example, if you are selling clothes and the Oscars just ended, you can write blogs about the type of clothes in your store that look like the outfits worn by celebrities at the Oscars.”

4. Feature customer stories

There’s no better way to attract potential customers than sharing real customer stories. According to Cooke, they are your best marketing agents. You can dedicate an entire blog to customer reviews. Allow your customers to share their experiences of using a product. This user-generated content enables you to connect with your audience and make your business appear more personable.

Cooke’s innovative marketing strategies worked wonders for his stores. You can achieve similar results if you keep the above tips in mind. Those who have already relied on Cooke’s advice are reaping the benefits with increased sales volumes within a few months.

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