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Saturday, September 23, 2023

University Avenue in Charlottetown is about to undergo major transformations

Scott Adams, manager of public works

According to city authorities, new lanes, cement medians, and a multi-use sidewalk will increase safety.

One of Charlottetown’s busiest avenues is getting a substantial makeover.

On the east side, the city proposes to install additional turning lanes and medians, bury electricity lines and poles, plant trees, and build a multi-use pathway.

The project is planned to begin in late spring or early summer next year and will cost around $4.5 million.

The renovations, according to Scott Adams, manager of public works for the City of Charlottetown, would improve safety for both automobiles and pedestrians, as well as the street’s overall appearance.

“We aim to lower the risk of car accidents,” Adams stated.

‘Highest collision or accident rates’

“Belvedere and University have one of the highest collision or accident rates in the city, which is why we decided to start this initiative at this crossroads.”

The project is part of a broader proposal to rehabilitate University Avenue from Euston Street to Belvedere Avenue.

University Avenue’s whole master plan will cost more than $15 million and take years to finish.

Charlottetown Coun. According to Terry MacLeod, chair of the public works committee, it’s time for a total revamp of University Avenue, with one of the most dangerous intersections, where it connects with Belvedere, as a starting point.

“We all know there hasn’t been much of a strategic plan for University Avenue through the years; we just went along with the development of businesses,” MacLeod said. “But in today’s environment, it’s not a very safe road.”

“The city has been growing, particularly on the outskirts, and when people come into town, it creates a lot of traffic and is unsafe for pedestrians, so we need to address that right now.”

In front of Indigo, there is a new intersection.

The intersection of University and Belvedere will see the most modifications in the first phase.

In order to alleviate traffic congestion near the university, right-turn lanes will be installed to both University Avenue and Belvedere Avenue.

The city will also install medians along University Avenue, preventing left turns into and out of businesses such as the Atlantic Superstore and Burger King.

In front of Indigo, traffic lights will be installed to align with the RCMP’s headquarters across the street.

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