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To raise awareness of child homelessness, young advocates spend the night outside

‘This is what’s going on. Homeless youth certainly exist in our communities.’

On Saturday night, a group of teenage advocates braved the cold fall weather to raise awareness of the Island’s youth homelessness problem.

About 20 members of Summerside’s Generation XX youth group spent 10 hours outside in the cold to raise money for charity and raise awareness about what homeless youth face.

Lacey Buechler, the project’s coordinator, said the participants learned a lot about what the Island’s homeless population goes through.

“Everything was fine at first. But then, at 3 a.m., they’re cold, tired, and they really feel what other people feel around this time, and they were really empathetic about it, and some emotions came as a result, “she stated

“Whether they know someone or have been in that situation themselves, all of our youth have been affected in some way by youth homelessness.”

“This is taking place. We do have homeless youth in our communities and homeless families, as you are aware. It’s not as absolute as it is in other large cities, “she stated

“I’ve heard from young people who say, “You know, if there were more services for young people in general, maybe I wouldn’t have been in this situation, maybe I would’ve gotten help sooner, maybe my life would’ve been different.” More dialogue, awareness, and change are all things we wish for.”

The money raised will go toward care packages for homeless youngsters in the area. Anyone interested in donating can submit an e-transfer to, according to Buechler.

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