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This year, the yields of a P.E.I. apple orchard doubled due to favourable weather

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The crop was so good that it produced storage problems.

This year, P.E.I. apple growers saw above-average yields because of favourable weather conditions.

Arlington Orchards in Arlington, P.E.I., produced nearly a million pounds of apples, more than double the average amount.

Indeed, there were so many apples that one out of every five was left unpicked.

“It was definitely the year to cultivate fruit on Prince Edward Island,” owner Barry Balsom remarked.

“This year, on one weekend, we experienced more rain than we had all summer on this place. The temperature was really high. We had a mild July, but a fantastic late July and August – it was scorching hot.”

The provincial administration acknowledged that the exceptional crop was aided by favourable meteorological conditions and that it demonstrates the industry’s need for continuing assistance and infrastructural development.

According to the government, some farmers are having trouble marketing and producing the extra grain.

“What you can sell is what you grow and harvest. Why choose it if you have a lot of goods that you don’t have enough storage for or aren’t sure if there’s a market for it?” Balsom remarked.

“It borrows tractor-trailers to store apple bins. It didn’t make sense to pick them all up.”

Arlington also had to contend with a flooded market because of the rapid increase of orchards on the Island, according to Balsom.

“The increase in apple production is 80 pounds per person. The average Islander eats only 20 pounds of fruit each year, so there are a lot of apples in the market waiting for a home, which they don’t seem to have right now “Balsom remarked.

“The market, in my opinion, has a bright future. However, I believe we must expand our production in a responsible manner. And I believe that now is the moment to start financing marketing rather than expansion.”

The fruit was likewise of higher quality than usual. According to Balsom, several of them were twice as large.

He said, “Honey crisp, we had apples that weighed a pound.” “It was a big hit with our U-pick consumers.”

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