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This week, a wet and windy storm is expected. Here’s everything you need to know about it

Rainfall of up to 40-70 mm is forecast, with wind gusts of up to 90 km/h.

From Monday to Wednesday, a storm will bring heavy rain and strong gusts to Prince Edward Island, according to Environment Canada’s special weather bulletin.

During that time, as much as 40 to 70 mm of rain could fall, with wind gusts reaching 90 km/h.

According to the announcement, the storm might linger until Wednesday.

“On Monday, an increasing low-pressure system will advance slowly towards the Maritimes. On Monday night and Tuesday, this system will stall, bringing rain and severe winds for an extended length of time “According to the statement.

Environment Canada said it’s too early to say which regions of the Island would have the most rain in a statement released Sunday morning.

“Any region may have isolated floods and water pooling on roadways, and travellers can prepare to face difficult driving conditions,” it stated.

Islanders should be prepared for a variety of effects, according to CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland.

“While P.E.I. may dodge the worst of the rain from this storm system, minor flooding and power outages remain a possibility,” Scotland wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

Scotland advised islanders to utilise the weekend to prepare for the stormy week ahead.

How to prepare

Because of the nature of the forecast, which includes severe winds, tried-and-true pre-storm strategies should be considered.

• Before the storm, stock up on essentials like food and water.

• Non-essential outside activities and tasks should also be completed before the storm.

• Before and during the storm, seal windows, garages, and other indoor openings; sustained winds may damage electrical lines and cause outages. Charge electronic gadgets, such as cellphones.

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