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The Teachers’ Federation of Prince Edward Island is concerned about a new software system

‘It’s obviously increased the pressure.’

A new software system in the schools, according to the P.E.I. Teachers’ Federation means a lot more work for teachers and administrators.

PowerSchool, a revolutionary technology that manages student attendance and grades as well as other school management needs, is being used in island schools.

PEITF president Aldene Smallman says the “huge new system” has glitches that need to be sorted out, and it means more work for school employees.

“We have clearly heard complaints and challenges,” Smallman added.

Teachers are also hearing from parents or guardians who are frustrated because they can’t get into the system to see student information, according to Smallman.

“Parents are trying to find out how to use this new system and find information, which may be frustrating for teachers,” she explained.

The technology isn’t fully functioning at many schools now, according to the Public Schools Branch, but more schools should have it up and running in the next weeks and months.

Smallman stated, “It’s obviously added a lot of extra strain.”

Upgrades are required

Norbert Carpenter, Head of the Public Schools Branch, said the outdated systems had been in use for more than ten years and that an upgrade was required.

“The Public Schools Branch collects all of the demographics for all of our children across the province,” Carpenter said, adding that it is a “big and robust system.”

He claims that, while not fully working yet, it will increase communication in the future.

Carpenter stated that ten high schools currently have full access, and intermediate schools would be online soon.

“We’ll be closing in on that in the coming weeks,” Carpenter added.

“Parents and guardians will see what we’re used to seeing.”

Carpenter acknowledged that the additional work his employees are doing is significant and that it is adding to their workload.

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