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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The financial help proposed to PEI employees, firms affected by COVID-19


Key takeaways: 

  • Ten individuals are in hospital being ministered for COVID-19.
  • Gyms on PEI will stay empty till the latest rules are raised.

PEI offers financial help to workers and businesses: 

Restaurants, gyms, and other firms affected by recent COVID-19 limitations are suitable for new help programs declared by the region Thursday.

They include a 25 percent pay refund on the payroll for Jan. 19-31.

In addition, eligibility for help programs in place for employees and individuals who are self-employed has been extended to Jan. 31.

The Emergency Payment for Workers program offers a $500 payment to employees and self-employed people who have lost earnings due to the public health regulations declared since Dec. 17. They show they have been laid off entirely or decreased their hours by at least 25 percent. 

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PEI offers financial help to the employees and businesses impacted by covid

The Emergency Income for Self-Employed provides up to $300 a week for self-employed Islanders who cannot access federal help programs.

On Tuesday, the Chief Public Health Office declared current limitations anticipated to stay in position until at least Jan. 31. They include the shutting of gyms and other indoor recreational facilities. Restaurants are restricted from offering indoor dining, and retail trades must work at 50 percent capacity. 

Details on PEI’s COVID-19 help programs can be discovered online.

The region also said Thursday that ten individuals are being ministered for COVID-19.

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