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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The advance polls for the byelection in Cornwall-Meadowbank are now closed, with the final vote scheduled for Monday

On Friday, 8.9% of eligible voters cast ballots.

On Monday, voters will have one more chance to vote in the District 16 Cornwall-Meadowbank byelection.

This time, there are four candidates in the running. The Liberals’ Jane MacIsaac, the Greens’ Todd MacLean, the Progressive Conservatives’ Mark McLane, and the New Democratic Party’s Larry Hale are also running.

After Liberal MLA Heath MacDonald resigned the seat to run for federal office in the Malpeque riding, the byelection was called on Oct. 18.

The deadline for advance voting was Friday. Friday’s polls closed at 7 p.m., with 8.9% of eligible voters casting ballots.

On one of the three days that advance polls were open, 32.8 per cent of eligible voters, or 1,423 out of 4,335 eligible registered voters, cast ballots.

From 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Monday, polls will be open at the APM Centre in Cornwall. Voters should carry a photo ID and their voting information card.

Masks will also be necessary due to COVID-19 protocols.

Health care, according to candidates, is a top-of-mind topic for most voters.

“The people of Cornwall-Meadowbank are really concerned about losing access to health care,” MacIsaac said. “They’re quite afraid that the current mishandling of our health-care system would leave them in the lurch.” “We’ve also received a lot of concerns regarding house affordability in general.”

About 80% of the talks MacLean has in the district are about health care, according to him.

“I’m sure you’ve seen [the Greens] progressively bringing the government’s feet to the fire on these key issues like health, affordable housing, and the cost of living in the last few weeks,” he said.

McLane stated that he will work closely with the existing administration to address the concerns affecting District 16 people.

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