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Summerside cops save aged couple trapped inside burning home


Key takeaways: 

  • Front entrance thwarted by fire, back door by snow, police state.
  • The fire-induced extensive damage to a stone home on Central Street in Summerside.

The aged couple saved by Summerside police: 

A Summerside pair in their 80s who were trapped inside their burning house till cops could save them were treated for smoke inhalation Tuesday.

Police and firefighters replied to a 911 call about a kitchen fire at a Central Street home at approximately 4:15 p.m.

Summerside cops Deputy Chief Jason Blacquiere stated that the fire was clogging the front entrance when officers first reached the location.

He told the man inside the home had made it to the back entrance but couldn’t run because it was clogged with snow. He said the officers could push open the door and remove the man.

Then they reached out to the lady.

“They were able to complete verbal contact with the woman of the home and led her to attempt and move towards their voices,” Blacquiere displayed. “She did make it most of the way to where the officers were situated, but the officers did end up keeping to finally enter the house and pull her the rest of the way outside.” Source –

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Police rescue a aged couple stuck inside a burning residence

The couple and two police officers were ministered for smoke inhalation at the hospital and discharged.

According to a press release, Canadian Red Cross volunteers supported the pair Wednesday with emergency lodging and buys like food, clothing, and other needs.

The home is a set heritage property. 

Canada’s Historic Places website was constructed in 1908 of ballast stones from the sailing ships and schooners that regular Summerside’s harbor.

The fire-induced extensive damage to the residence told Summerside fire Chief Ron Enman.

“Those older homes have a ballooned-frame building. It extends very quickly,” he stated. Source –

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