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Researchers from the University of Prince Edward Island are conducting a survey to see how well Islanders understand concussions

understand concussions

Every year, about 1,500 Islanders are diagnosed with a concussion

Two University of Prince Edward Island researchers are conducting a survey to learn more about concussions.

Jenna Deighan and Christina Beck are collaborating with the university’s Concussion Awareness programme team to assess P.E.I. residents’ general understanding of how to recognise a concussion and what to do to prevent long-term harm, particularly in youth and children.

“Concussions continue to be a major public health issue,” Beck added. “Knowing what individuals know and don’t know about concussions will assist the Concussion Awareness Program to figure out how we can pinpoint and address those gaps that we find out from this survey,” says the researcher.

The poll is geared at Islanders aged 18 and up who work with children aged 5 to 22 years old, including parents, teachers, coaches, and camp counsellors.

understand concussions

“[We ask them] if they know the protocols for when a concussion victim should return to play,” Deighan said.

“We ask questions like what you’d like to learn more about in terms of how concussions are diagnosed, what barriers do you believe exist in terms of treating, preventing, diagnosing, symptom management, and prognosis of concussions, and does the organisation you work for have an adequate policy or procedure regarding concussion management?”

Deighan hopes to share her results with the government and other groups so that protocols for dealing with this type of injury can be developed.

“I guess there aren’t enough or accurate policies and procedures around return to play, about what to do when the player coached has a concussion,” she added.

“Many people do not take concussions seriously enough. They basically chalked it up to a headache. However, if concussions are not addressed, they can have serious repercussions.”

According to Deighan, around 1,500 Islanders are diagnosed with a concussion each year.

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