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P.E.I. now has an Apple store, but no phones or computers are available


‘For the people down there who still prefer to transact in cash, we have a secure cash can.’

Although Prince Edward Island has an Apple store, it does not sell iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches.

Red Shore Orchards established the P.E.I. Apple Store to try to extend the season for producers and promote Island apples throughout the holidays.

“What we’ve been doing with our firm is looking forward to the infrastructure that needs to be in place to carry the industry forward on the Island,” Nancy MacKay, president of Red Shore Orchards, said.

According to MacKay, some of that infrastructure included cold storage facilities.

According to MacKay, the West Royalty Industrial Park location of Red Shore Orchard now offers controlled-atmosphere storage, which protects the apples.

“You can buy apples out in June and still have incredibly fresh apples,” she remarked, despite the fact that the orchard has only been open for three weeks.

The store sells apples from four different Island growers, as well as cider and honey created on the island.

“Instead of everyone attempting to do it independently, we’re buying from other producers so they can get a piece of the Island market.”

apple store

It’s on Milky Way, right next to the Cows Creamery, has no cashier, and operates on the honour system.

“They can scan a QR code on their phone for each distinct variety of apple, as well as honey and cider, and it will take them right to our online checkout,” she explained.

“We also have a secure cash can for anyone who prefers to transact with cash down there.”

‘Can’t tend to those side markets’

It’s comparable to the roadside produce boxes that pop up all over the island throughout the summer, according to MacKay.

“A lot of people still like to acquire a local product, and they have to go to the sites to obtain it,” she explained. “We’re generally fairly busy farming — we can’t tend to those side markets.”

“Now, by banding together or buying apples from other Island farmers, we’ll be able to do that while still selling their products.”

Typically, island producers ship apples to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where they are packed and sold under a different name before being returned, according to MacKay.

“For us to ship the goods to New Brunswick or Nova Scotia and then have it come back,” she explained.

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