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Saturday, September 23, 2023

P.E.I. is undertaking a survey to improve women’s health care

In the next months, the Department of Health and Wellness plans to lay out a strategy.

The govt of Prince Edward Island is seeking feedback from women and gender-diverse Islanders on ways to improve healthcare services to better suit their needs.

The government has been developing a health strategy for those two categories and has recently released two questionnaires for people to discuss their healthcare experiences.

“We want to hear about what’s working well, as well as issues faced by women and gender-diverse people, as well as solutions to those challenges,” said Mary Acorn, the Department of Health and Wellness’s chief adviser for women’s health.

According to Acorn, the surveys are private and anonymous. She stated that the department has already gotten some feedback from its target audiences.

“We’ve already heard a lot about things like service access and navigation, eliminating stigmas, and setting norms.”

Minister of Health and Wellness Ernie Hudson stated the survey would benefit women and gender-diverse Islanders for many years.

“At each life stage and across multiple settings, the strategy will look at methods to promote the well-being and health of women and gender-diverse Islanders,” adds the statement.

The survey on women’s health and gender-diverse Islanders will be open until November 30.

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