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Islanders who persuade nurses to relocate to P.E.I. will receive a financial reward


A similar incentive is being offered by a private recruitment firm.

The province of Prince Edward Island is now giving financial incentives to Islanders who can persuade registered nurses to relocate to the province.

The province announced on Wednesday that people of P.E.I. who refer family or friends to nurse vacancies will receive a $1,500 cash prize if they are employed by Health P.E.I.

According to the administration, it’s a means to widen the scope of its recruitment efforts. This is despite the fact that the province and other jurisdictions are having difficulty filling open posts in the field.

“As we expand the range of health services available to the people on P.E.I., the demand for competent health professionals will only grow,” said Health Minister Ernie Hudson in a statement.

Since late October, ‘long shot’ Island Recruiting has been offering the same monetary incentive to out-of-province nurses and physicians.

The firm recruits for the province as well as other clients.

The campaign, according to Blake Doyle, the company’s owner and president, aims to persuade those who are considering visiting P.E.I. but already have friends or family waiting for them, such as Islanders who have lived out of province but want to return.

“We’re hoping that the current situation will encourage people to reach out to their family, friends, and coworkers in the professions if they want to migrate if they’re unhappy where they are, and they want to consider Prince Edward Island or other provinces,” Doyle said.


Following the government’s statement, the corporation agreed to boost its own incentive to $2,000 if the job is completed successfully.

This type of scheme, according to Doyle, is a “long shot” that may take years to make a significant influence on the province’s healthcare system.

“When it comes to people relocating, there are numerous factors to consider. The incentive is simply a way to encourage individuals to look at prospects on P.E.I., but it may take several years to see a significant impact “he stated

“I believe that even a small influence to assist relieve tension in private nursing homes during the holiday season is a significant private initiative that will benefit the entire health-care delivery sector.”

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