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Islanders bold winter storm to aid out individuals entrapped by snow


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We’re Maritimers, right? We’re a rather hardy mess.’
  • Croucher and other firefighters were out on the street in Souris checking in on individuals who’d been snowed in, and getting them food.

Islanders help people stranded in snow in the winter storm: 

Some P.E.I. citizens braved icy roads and inferior driving circumstances to aid their fellow Islanders during this winter storm.

Robin Croucher, a paramedic who’s captain of the Souris Fire Department too, was out Sunday morning with three more firefighters seeking in on individuals who had gotten stuck.

“We had several senior citizens that were snowed in and without power for some hours and getting quite cold,” Croucher stated. “We very fast got four of our members together at the fire department, me, Peter Aitken, Donnie Aitken and Stevie Savoie … And we began making our way from home to home and checking on the seniors and making sure they were OK, dug out their doorways and proposed to take them down to our warming centre at the fire hall.” Source –

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Islanders brave winter storm to aid out individuals trapped by snow

“Some came down and a few of them wanted to stay home. They’re a hearty bunch and tough, and they want to crouch down. So we brought them hot drinks and whatnot.” Source –

With the support of some trucks and a plough operator, the team permitted nearly 20 Souris citizens. Among those Croucher helped this Sunday were two staffers who had been abandoned at the AgraWest food processing facility since Friday night.

“They hadn’t eaten anything of any substance. They had coffee and hot beverages and whatnot, but no additional food with them other than what they took for their shift. So I phoned my wife and she got together a little care package and I went back home,” Croucher stated. Source –

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