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Hugs and handshakes are on hold as COVID-19 restores the levee at Government House

Hugs and handshakes

‘How do we get 500-700 people through here checking Vax Passes in an hour and a half?’

The delectable confections and sparkling beverages will have to wait. Due to corona, it’s no Christmas open house or New Year’s Day levee at Government House for the second year in a row.

Lt.-Gov. Antoinette Perry said she will follow the advice of Chief Public Health Officer Dr Heather Morrison, who cautioned against hosting the popular Christmas traditions during her public health briefing on Tuesday.

“It was difficult to make a decision,” Perry explained, “but we had to err on the side of warning, and then with Dr Morrison’s update, I think it was the confirmation I needed that yes, we made the right decision.”

If levees are built, Morrison says they must be Vax Pass events that follow public health requirements. The social aspect of the events, according to Perry, would make that difficult.

Man and woman wearing face masks

“So, how can we get 500-700 people through here in an hour and a half while verifying Vax Passes and making sure no one is embracing each other? For me, the scenario was not very favourable, and it took away the fun and significance of the reception.”

Smaller events

This season, Perry has been able to host a few minor events. The holidays are celebrated in Government House, albeit on a considerably smaller scale than normal. For example, instead of four trees, there is only one.

The outdoor decorations are the same as they have been in previous years.

Perry said the cancellations are sad, but she will be able to play the organ at her church in Tignish on Christmas Eve.

“I strive to be grateful for what I can do and practise gratitude.”

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