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During his visit to the United States, Trudeau says to have taken up the P.E.I. potato trade with Biden

The prime minister says that the federal government is working closely with Americans to show that the ban has “no scientific basis.”

During his trip to Washington last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he brought up the P.E.I. potato export ban with U.S. President Joe Biden.

After John Barlow, Conservative MP for Foothills and shadow agriculture minister asked whether Trudeau would reverse the restriction during the question period on Wednesday, the prime minister stated the Canadian government is working closely with the U.S. to reinstate the fresh potato trade.

“When it comes to potatoes, we are certainly very concerned. When I was in Washington last week, I brought it up directly with the president. “Trudeau stated the following.

“We’ve been working closely with Islanders, as well as Americans, to ensure that they understand that the ban on table potatoes is based on no scientific evidence. We’ll continue to fight for Prince Edward Islanders and look for a scientific solution to this problem.”

The ban was issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Monday, just days after Trudeau’s visit to the United States. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency made its judgment after discovering potato warts in two Island crops in October.

P.E.I. Premier Dennis King said shortly after the announcement that the province would investigate all measures available to contest the decision, claiming that it was not founded on science.

Barlow questioned Trudeau on the issue and scolded P.E.I.’s Liberal M.P.s for failing to speak out against the suspension.

“Mr Speaker, the prime minister obviously has no idea what I’m talking about. However, he should probably ask his members of parliament from Prince Edward Island, who have said nothing about this move, “According to Barlow.

“With a stroke of a pen, Mr. Speaker, the prime minister has destroyed the potato industry on Prince Edward Island.”

Trudeau echoed Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s earlier comments that the suspension was established to prevent the United States from implementing its own ban, which would be much more difficult to undo, according to Trudeau.

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