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Due to a lack of nearby housing, this mature student travelled 32 kilometres to school every day

Adrian Mendez left Mexico to pursue his educational goals in Prince Edward Island. He hadn’t expected the housing crisis.

Adrian Mendez will never forget the time in October 2019 when he was so exhausted from walking that he couldn’t help but cry.

Mendez was taking a walk along the middle of Brackley Point Road near Brackley Beach on his way to Holland College in Charlottetown at the time. Again.

Mendez had come with his daughters from Mexico two months prior. He came to the P.E.I. to study computer networking technology at the age of 58, having always regretted not finishing university.

“It’s a brighter future for me, but it’s also a brighter future for my children,” he explained.

While hunting for an apartment near the college, he stayed at a hotel in Charlottetown. He sought assistance from the P.E.I. Immigrant and Refugee Services Association in registering his children for school. They stated that he required an address.

By this time, Mendez had faced the Island’s housing crisis, which many tenants are all too familiar with.

He found an ad for a cottage near Brackley Beach after being unable to find a property in Charlottetown that he could afford. He was new to the Island and had no idea how far it was from town. However, the photographs were attractive.

The school registration deadline was approaching. In early September, he moved into the cottage.

Mendez took a cab to Charlottetown several times while hunting for an automobile. He couldn’t afford it, so he got up at 4 a.m. on his first day at Holland College and began walking at 5 a.m.

At 9:02 a.m., he arrived at Holland College. On Monday, he had project management as his first class. Because he was two minutes late, the instructor had marked him absent. It was later altered by the instructor.

Mendez walked home that night. He repeated the process the next day. Then there was the one after that. Then there was the one after that.

“I had no idea I’d have to do it for so long.”

Mendez walked an average of 32 kilometres each day in September and October, according to Google Maps. He did the groceries and looked after his school-aged girls in addition to walking and lessons. His wife is still in Mexico, but she has been visiting the family since the relocation.

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