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COVID-19 immunizations for children begin this week, which is “an exciting day for P.E.I”

Parents can now schedule appointments.

The covid vaccination for kids aged 5 to 11 is supposed to arrive on P.E.I. on Tuesday, and clinics to administer the vaccine will begin later this week.

Dr Heather Morrison, P.E.I.’s Chief Public Health Officer, made the statement at a COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday.

She stated, “This is a great day for P.E.I.” “With the approval and availability of pediatric immunization, school-aged children now have a major additional layer of protection.”

The vaccination will be given in two doses, with an eight-week interval between them. Appointments at public health clinics can now be made online or through the Skip the Waiting Room app, according to the P.E.I. government. On Tuesday afternoon, a phone number – 1-844-975-3303 — will be available.

Early in January, school-based clinics for grades 4-6 will be available.

‘I understand the concern’

Morrison said, adding that the epidemic has had a negative impact on children’s emotional and physical health by disrupting school and extracurricular activities.

“Friendships have been disrupted, and many young people are lonely and socially isolated.”

According to her, the majority of parents questioned intend to have their children vaccinated.

“I know some families who are excited and will be scheduling appointments today,” she added, adding that parents should be supported regardless of their decision.

More than three million youngsters have been vaccinated in the United States, according to health experts, with no safety issues.

“As a parent with two children in this age bracket, I understand people’s concerns,” said Marion Dowling, Chief of Nursing for Health P.E.I.

“Without parental consent, Health P.E.I. will not vaccinate any children in this age group. These vaccines are safe and have previously been administered to millions of children in the United States, and I am eager to have my own children immunized.”

New cases are also announced by the province

Morrison revealed seven new instances of COVID-19 in the province at the same news conference, bringing the total number of current cases to 28. Since the epidemic began, P.E.I. has seen a total of 356 cases.

On Sunday evening, Canada got the first doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination for children.

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