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According to the administrator of a Charlottetown care home, a member of the staff has tested positive for COVID-19

All of the residents who had been in close contact with them tested negative.

COVID-19 has been detected in a member of staff at the Mount, a long-term care facility in Charlottetown.

According to Administrator Lindsay Dickieson, the individual only worked in one part of the facility. She stated that the person did not go to work while experiencing symptoms.

“They were a symptom of something else. They proceeded to have their COVID test, and when it came back positive, they informed us, as did the chief public health officer. After that, of course, we began our process, “Dickieson remarked.

“We were able to pinpoint whose area it was in and which citizens would require testing, as well as which staff employees would require testing and who might have worked with the staff person.”

While the province stated that it does not alert the public on single instances in such settings until there is a risk of wider exposure, it did confirm that one of the previously reported cases is employed at a care facility.

All close contacts and residents of the facility were tested Sunday evening, and the findings were negative, according to the report. The tests will be repeated later this week as well.

There is no evidence of transmission within the care facility, according to the province.

Staff members who worked the same shift or around the same hours as the person who tested positive, according to Dickieson, have been tested.

In addition, the employee donned safety gear and followed COVID-19 preventive practices.

All residents at The Mount, according to Dickieson, have received a booster dose.

“They’ve had a chance to build up immunity,” she said. “I think it brings some level of confidence as you start going through the process and sort of the list of items.”

Residents in the neighbourhood where the person employed have been ordered to remain in their homes until further notice.

“In their neighbourhood, the residents are doing fairly well. Dickieson stated, “All of their needs and activities are being satisfied.”

“Even if we have to keep the neighbourhood closed for a lot longer, it is the safest strategy for all of our residents, staff, families, and visitors right now.”

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