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A group has been formed to assist organizations on Prince Edward Island in developing mental wellness initiatives

The P.E.I. Alliance for Mental Well-Being intends to visit the island in order to gather information.

Organizations and groups on Prince Edward Island that want to improve or add mental health initiatives to their programmes now have greater resources.

The P.E.I. Alliance for Mental Well-Being was inaugurated at the P.E.I. Farm Centre in Charlottetown on Friday afternoon.

The partnership will not provide direct services to Island residents but instead, collaborate with government and community organizations to fund mental health projects.

It will also be in charge of a grant programme aimed at assisting community groups and non-profit organizations.

“Our goal is to get out into the community,” said John Horrelt, the alliance’s advisory chair.

“We’ll be travelling over the Island, meeting with individuals in the community, and generating a list of what can be done to improve existing programmes or build new ones.”

From November 22 to December 3, a series of information sessions will be hosted across the province.

“You might have a home and school association that contacts us, or we connect with them, and they want to pilot or test a new programme in a school that benefits our Island, our Island youngsters.”

‘Collaboration within the community.’

P.E.I. Premier Dennis King and P.E.I. Health Minister Ernie Hudson was among the over 40 persons who attended the celebration on Friday.

The financing was previously announced by the P.E.I. government in March, but it was referred to as the Centre for Mental Well-Being at the time.

“The Prince Edward Island Alliance for Mental Well-Being was established to foster community collaboration,” said Karen Cumberland, the alliance’s executive director.

When it comes to mental wellness issues, the focus is frequently on early intervention and acute care, according to Cumberland, but the alliance intends to help Islanders build resiliency.

“What we’re doing is encouraging community groups to take a fresh look at the concept of well-being, perhaps collaborating with partners they’ve never worked with before,” she explained.

The application period for grants will open in December, with financing expected to commence in March 2022.

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